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4 Questions to Ask Your Masonry Contractor

What Questions Should You Ask the Contractor?

One of the oldest occupations in the world is masonry. A masonry contractor used to be in charge of constructing adaptable, durable, and beautiful constructions. They can now construct a wide range of constructions, including brick, retaining walls, concrete blocks, tiles, clay, and terra cotta. But keep in mind that not every contractor have the necessary knowledge and abilities to complete a given project. Without working with a qualified and professional contractor, things may go wrong. The four questions you may ask a contractor before employing them are listed below!

What areas do you focus on?

Not every contractor has a specialty in dealing with block, concrete, brick, or stone. While some contractors exclusively work on a certain type of job, others have a wide range of knowledge and are able to make specialty cuts. Others even possess the creative ability to combine various materials to create a visually pleasing design. The best response to this query frequently depends on the nature of the project.

Do you have testimonials?

You can get online reviews for any business or contractor thanks to the internet. You shouldn’t have any trouble locating evaluations and recommendations for trustworthy contractors. It might be a warning sign if a certain mason contractor has no ratings. Do your research and be sure to contact references from prior clients to find out whether they were satisfied with the job that was produced.

The site will be managed by who?

Because the agent or estimator you spoke with during the estimating process won’t be in charge of overseeing the project, make sure to ask this question. Ask who will be in charge of overseeing the project site and insist on speaking with the project manager in advance to determine whether or not you’ll feel at ease working with them. For additional information, consult a masonry contractor in your area!

Expert at matching colors?

Have you ever driven past a house with a simple white mortar that doesn’t appear to match the existing mortar? This is so that a new mason who specializes in mortar color match may finish the patch job since the contractor who was engaged to complete the project left it unfinished. In order to have the project done correctly the first time, it is recommended to just select one contractor.

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