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Caulking and Sealing a Building Are Critical

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Brick is a durable and environmentally-friendly construction material used by many contractors today. It is no secret people love it because of the exceptional strength and the beauty it gives to any structure. If your building has already started to show some indications of damage, you will need a commercial masonry service. This is what professional masonry contractors can do to rectify such structural deterioration:

Caulking is the process of filling holes and gaps with mortar. This brick compound dries quickly. It could be silicone caulk or rubber caulk used for exterior applications. With time, brick structures tend to deteriorate and the brick and mortar crumble, holes may appear that will make the building unstable and even dangerous. It is important to mention here that this is a technique that has to be performed by an experienced mason only. This efficient material is utilized for both large and small holes and gaps in the brick. If the task is not done right, water will penetrate the material causing leaks and water damage. So, if you have a brick built a commercial facility, we suggest you call a local professional to inspect it once a year.

Once the walls are caulked, the surface has to be sealed with a special brick sealer. This is the final layer of protection applied to the exterior walls of your building. The sealer must be waterproof to withstand heavy winds, low and high air temperatures, freezing & thawing, mold, algae, and high humidity. Again, professional skills and tools are required from a commercial masonry service provider.

If your structure needs high-quality caulking and sealing, you can’t go wrong by selecting Richard Young Masonry. Turn to our company at (859) 203-7485 today. Our rates are very reasonable, and our experience is unquestionable. We operate in Nicholasville, KY.

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